Debt Settlement Services

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Are you struggling to pay off a high amount of debt? If so, debt settlement might be a great option for you. Briles Law Group is working as Attorney of Counsel with Settle It to help clients successfully manage and eliminate their debt.

We negotiate with your creditors to get a reduction of your outstanding unsecured debt. Our skilled negotiators work to get your creditors to agree to discounted payoff amounts and the creditors forgive the rest of your balance. Debt negotiation is one of the most effective choices available to consumers. It’s a great choice if you have more debt than you can pay off in 2 – 3 years or are experiencing a financial hardship that has caused you to fall behind on your monthly payments.

Resolve Your Debt In 2 to 4 Years

The length of your program depends on how much you can deposit each month into the FDIC insured trust account set up for you. In many cases the process will be between 24-48 months. The faster you can save, the quicker you can get out of debt.

A Monthly Deposit You Can Afford

We will work with you to establish a monthly deposit amount that fits your budget. In most cases it is significantly less than the amount you are paying to your creditors each month.

No Upfront Fees

We do not charge upfront fees. We only get paid when your debt is reduced. The cost for our services is 25% of the total debt enrolled. We are so confident in our professionalism and level of service, that we do not charge a single penny until your debt is settled. And, if you are unsatisfied with our program you can cancel at any time without any penalties or fees, other than fees you may have already incurred with respect to settled debts.

How Do I Qualify?

A debt negotiation program is certainly not for everyone. Qualified candidates are those who have a legitimate financial hardship, which has caused them to fall behind on their payments to creditors, or will cause them to fall behind in the near future. We only represent consumers who are truly in need of our services and stand to significantly improve their financial situation.

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