Industrial Accident Attorney in Irvine CA

Victims of industrial accidents often face a challenging road to recovery. Your life might never be the same again. And if you lost a loved one in an industrial accident, the void left by his or her absence will likely never go away.

At Briles & Associates, in Irvine, we know that nothing can take away the harm you have suffered. But at least you can pursue the monetary compensation you deserve.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you do that. Call 877-926-1937 to schedule a free initial consultation about your particular situation. We serve clients across California.

Benefit From The Guidance Of A Knowledgeable Legal Team

We have earned a strong reputation for getting favorable results on behalf of workplace injury victims. Our lawyers will apply time-tested methods to maximize your workers' compensation recovery.

When you first speak with us, you can expect to come away with a clear sense of your options and how to proceed. This straightforward guidance will give you peace of mind on the path ahead.

Types Of Workplace Accidents

Safety is a top priority in most industrial workplaces. Yet, despite even the most diligent efforts, accidents still occur. Over 1,000 people are killed in industrial accidents across the United States every year. Thousands more sustain life-altering injuries in tragic mishaps such as:

  • Machinery accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Chemical spills
  • Falls
  • Electrical accidents

We Can Come To You

Don't let transportation, mobility or monetary concerns hold you back. We can readily come to you if travel is a problem. Call our attorneys or contact us online for professional legal help. We also have an office in San Jose. We charge nothing upfront, and you will pay only if you win.

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