Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Irvine CA

The brain is the seat of your physical functions, emotions and identity. Like a computer processor, it has the capacity to take in vast amounts of information in milliseconds. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can shatter that capacity.

Picking up the pieces, if even possible, often requires years of intensive treatment and rehabilitation. Severe brain damage may result in a coma or persistent vegetative state.

At Briles Law Group, we handle workers' compensation and personal injury claims for victims of work-related brain injuries. Our lawyers often work closely with the loved ones of workers involved in horrifying workplace accidents. Sorting through the legal ramifications on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, rely on our 20-plus years of legal experience and trusted reputation for results.

Building The Foundation For A Better Future

Watching a loved one suffer through a head injury can, in some ways, be just as difficult as losing him or her. The person you once knew may no longer be there. Severe head injuries can shift your loved one's:

  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Memory
  • Thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Mental health
  • Sensory input

We know just how hard it can be to come to terms with what happened. The least we can do is take the worry and uncertainty out of the legal process. With a solid financial foundation of workers' compensation benefits, you and your family can work toward a better quality of life.

What Next?

Get legal and practical help on what to do next. Call 877-926-1937 or contact us online to request your free consultation. We charge no fees unless you obtain recovery.

Based in Irvine, our attorneys handle traumatic brain injury cases throughout California. We have an additional office in San Jose. We can also come to you if needed. Se habla español.