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Family in California files suit after fatal airport shooting

After the death of a federal employee in a shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport in November 2013, the family of the man who died is suing for $25 million. A 23-year-old man shot the Transportation Security Administration officer a reported 12 times, and the family filed a suit against the city of Los Angeles on Oct. 7.

When the man opened fire in Terminal 3, airport security reportedly detained the man within minutes of the attack. However, the gunman reportedly managed to shoot 13 people with an assault rifle, and the government worker was shot at point-blank range. Six people were hospitalized after suffering the gunshot wounds, and seven others were treated at the scene.

The suit named multiple defendants like Los Angeles World Airports, the Los Angeles Airport Police Department and Los Angeles County. The suit claims employees caused dangerous security lapses by not fulfilling their duties and alleges that delays in medical care kept the deceased man from receiving treatment.

After the shooting occurred, some criticized the authorities' response time when arriving to the scene of the shooting. Emergency phones apparently did not track where calls originated, warning systems allegedly needed updates and law enforcement agencies could not communicate properly with citizens or each other. Officials at the airport reportedly implemented changes to security measures after analyzing this incident.

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Source: UPI, "Family of TSA worker killed at LAX suing city", October 08, 2014

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