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October 2014 Archives

Workers' comp for California employees with herniated discs

Many California workers may find themselves in need of workers' compensation if they sustain a herniated lumbar disc injury while on the job. A herniated disc occurs in the connected bones or vertebrae of the spine. Vertebrae are held together by strong and cushioned connective tissues called discs. These discs are made of a hard outer shell and filled with gel-like watery substance that absorbs impact from movement.

Family in California files suit after fatal airport shooting

After the death of a federal employee in a shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport in November 2013, the family of the man who died is suing for $25 million. A 23-year-old man shot the Transportation Security Administration officer a reported 12 times, and the family filed a suit against the city of Los Angeles on Oct. 7.

UPS worker awarded workers' compensation for PTSD

When it comes to work-related injuries, there are some that are more typical for certain professions than others. Take for example fire fighters who are more likely to suffer burns while on the job or construction workers who run the risk of head traumas and broken bones because of the work they do every day.