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Preventing injuries while erecting walls

Many California construction workers are involved in erecting and installing both interior and exterior walls as a routine part of their jobs. Unfortunately, numerous accidents occur every year when workers fall while doing so.

Because of the associated risks involved with interior and exterior wall erection, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has several guidelines and regulations in place to help to ensure workplace safety. Any employee who may be subjected to fall hazards must be provided with adequate safety training as outlined by these regulations.

When a worker's job involves the erection, installation or framing of a wall at a height greater than six feet, employers must provide safety equipment. Because of the high degree of risk to workers posed by floor and wall openings, employers must ensure there are such things as guardrails in place to help prevent falls. Workers may additionally require fall protection systems in which they are anchored while working. Scaffolding may additionally be a good idea to help prevent worker falls and injuries.

The risk to workers is one that should not be overlooked. It is important for employers to view each work site critically in order to identify all potential safety hazards. They should then take specific steps to help protect the safety of their workers. In the event that an accident occurs, a worker who is injured may choose to seek and recover benefits by filing a workers' compensation claim. Benefits may be available to cover medical expenses, ongoing treatment and rehabilitation costs and a percentage of income lost from being unable to continue working. People who are injured while working on the job may want to obtain the help of a workers' compensation attorney for assistance throughout the process.

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